Grass composting in the HOTBIN

What can you expect when you add grass into the HOTBIN

As we explained in our previous grass post there are advantages to adding cardboard or shredded paper to the HOTBIN to help you compost grass most successfully; it helps calm the ammonia smell and creates extra structure.

Here’s what happens to grass in your HOTBIN through a series of pictures.

Grass added to the HOTBIN

Adding Grass into the HOTBIN with shredded paper

One hour later …

HOTBIN 1hr after grass and paper has been added

24 hours later…see how it has shrunk already!

Grass in the HOTBIN 24hrs later

48 hours later…

Grass in the HOTBIN after 48 hrs

4 days later…this picture speaks for itself

Grass in the HOTBIN 4 days later

7 days later…It’s almost gone and is steaming away!

Grass in the HOTBIN after 7 days

Our control experiment!

We put some grass in a bag outside with no insulation… the temperature never gets above 30C

After 24 hours…

Outdoor grass test Outdoor grass test after 24 hours

After 48 hours…We added some insulation on the top to see if this helps?

 Control experiment after 48 hrs

After 4 days…The insulation hasn’t made a difference!

Outdoor grass test on day 4

After 7 days…there is still no real drop in volume

Grass in our control experiment grass day 7

Compost your grass in a HOTBIN


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