There is more than ONE alternative to sending food waste to Landfill

Ban food waste from Landfill?
Collect and reprocess it via anaerobic digestion (AD) instead? Well yes and no!!

Respect the 3Rs: we should reduce food waste. Accepting there is always going to be some waste to treat…

There have been renewed calls to ban food waste from landfill in the Guardian today .  The report’s co-author Quentin Maxwell-Jackson is reported by the Guardian to state: “Anaerobic digestion technology has so many clear advantages over other waste treatment and energy generation options that it is very surprising it has not taken off in a big way yet in the UK.”

Calls to ban food waste have been made before. The Government’s stated policy is collection and reprocessing food waste via AD.

It is still probably still too early for the policy makers to ban food waste from landfill as the UK does not have the capacity ‘coming on stream’ to reprocess it via alternative means.

Every new AD plant takes time to get planning permission, to build and commission. At out last reckoning, about 3 major were due to come on stream next year and we estimated the UK needed 300 to divert food waste from landfill – it is going to be a huge cost and long path.

AD makes a lot of sense – we need a collection/reprocessing technology that caters for the majority and we know only about 15-20% of the UK population does (or will) home compost and traditional home composting has never been appropriate for all food waste.

We should not let the historic issues of home composting all food waste (including cooked food, meat, fish, bread, cakes, rice, pasta etc) that create a stinky odour that deters people and attracts rats, flies from continually reviewing technology for home composting. The HOTBIN team has real factual evidence that the HOTBIN has changed home composting of food waste for the better. Users have changed behaviour and are diverting all food waste from landfill. We estimate 5m current home composting households could divert all food waste and make a contribution – immediately.

100,000 HOTBIN users would equate to 1 new big AD plant.  Delivering a million units a year (we wish!) is a logistics co-ordination issue – the capacity can be made available very quickly.  We understand home composting is not for everyone – but we need to make a dent in landfill now and it can be done now.

There are other reasons why AD is not the ‘be all and end’ of reprocessing food waste. Reprocessing is a complex combination of user behaviour, logistics and technical facts. Yes AD has advantages, but so does home composting. Home composting removes the need for collection and transport, the compost can be used in the garden (reducing fertiliser and peat consumption) and adding organic matter and humus back to into soil is essential to soil fertility.

Help us win government support – HOTBIN composting diverts domestic food waste.
[At present we are pushing water up a hill and knocking on closed doors.]


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