The HOTBIN composting DOZEN is here!

Several requests from community composting groups and allotment and gardening clubs has prompted us to develop the HOTBIN composting DOZEN!

We hope you will agree it is a good way to get yourself a group discount and actively make a difference to the amount of food waste that unnecessarily goes to landfill.

So why not team up and club together! 

  • Are you are part of a community, a club or just a group of friends who want to recycle more household waste into great compost at home?
  • Do you want to enjoy a bit more of the ‘good life’ or simply fed up for paying for food waste collections?

Quite simply this community pack is designed for you to do more together and benefit from a group discount.

What is the ‘Composter’ Dozen?

12 HOTBINS delivered to ONE address or any multiple of 12 units.

Each unit in the shipment is a standard HOTBIN item and comes complete with all the accessories.

This is a bulk purchasing option for Community Composting or Allotment Associations (or any other group, formal or informal!) who wish to bulk buy and share the savings with members, neigbours and friends.

Why does it save me money?

The saving derives from the HOTBIN team booking a dedicated lorry packed with HOTBINS.

Please be aware there are special delivery constraints on these orders that you need to be aware of:

  • We are only able to drop the units at one delivery address and the buying organisation needs to assist in the off loading of units so the lorry can be on it’s way within a 30-40 minute period as the courier will still need the lorry to return and be productive the rest of the day
  • The driver will not be available to assist in moving units into storage or away from the immediate tailgate. It is essential the off loading is planned and help is on hand.
  • On our part, we will do our upmost to book a specific time slot and keep you informed so helpers are not hanging around.
So how much will it cost each individual?

The price equates to £95.83/unit ex VAT, (£115 per unit including VAT), which represents a 23% saving on our normal retail price.

How do I place an order?

To place an order please contact us on 0845 6210095 or email

How do I pay?

The order can either be invoiced to registered charities & organisations with a cheque sent in advance of delivery, or paid via visa or master card over the phone.

Resources available

For more information on HOTBIN composting take a look at our extensive FAQ 

For advice and support on Community Composting look no further than the Community Composting Network

Community Composting Network (CCN) is the UK-wide organisation that supports and promotes community groups, social enterprises and individuals which are involved in producing compost from green/food waste and using it in their local communities.


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