What HOTBIN users say

We recently completed a large scale survey of HOTBIN users.

The summary of results can be found at:


Users also commented on the HOTBINs functionality.

“The square shape is deal for tucking into the corner of a garden, better than round plastic one that must be put on soil base. I like the easy to lift up lid which makes it easier to use when you have a bag of compostable waste in one hand.”

“It is very easy to fill & manage the composting process. The Thermometers are particularly helpful”.

“It has increased the through-put of material which was not fast enough previously. (And the compost steams when you open the lid!)”

Why they liked HOTBIN composting.

“It takes me a step closer to the Good Life”.

“I’m able to recycle my own food waste and produce a useful product”.

“I compost already, but this gives me the ability to compost all year round, and compost food waste as well as garden waste”.

And in summary we couldn’t have put it better ourselves,
“It quickly converts waste into good stuff for the garden.”


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