Sadness & joy at HOTBIN HQ last week!

The end of one era and the start of a new.

This week HOTBIN HQ cleared out all the old prototype bins used over the past two years in developing the HOTBIN.

(These are just two of the early prototypes! – It took three trips in all to the recycle centre).

Obviously it was sad to see them thrown into the ‘plastics’ collection skip as they have been a big part our learning curve. However, as well as ‘clearing up’ some space it seemed the right time.

We are about to close our first six months trading and selling the HOTBIN.

It’s been a great start, we can only estimate how much all our HOTBIN users have diverted, but we think about 100,000 Kg (100 metric tonnes) of food waste in the last six months. If we carry on growing we think this could be 500,000 Kg by this time next year.

For those interested in getting good compost fast for the garden – that’s about 1,400 bags of compost.

HOTBIN users are choosing to make a difference.
Go HOTBIN users! 


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