Compost MORE Quickly

With International Compost Awareness week creeping towards us on 6 – 12 May 2012 – The good news is 94% of all HOTBIN users are diverting more food waste than they did before.

And here are just a few of their comments about their HOTBIN!

‘My HOTBIN is a talking point at dinner parties as composting is now much more interesting.’

‘My HOTBIN takes the grubbiness out of the composting process’

‘My HOTBIN has made me more conscious about our waste and recycling’

‘MY HOTBIN converts waste into good stuff for the garden’

‘MY HOTBIN produces something for nothing to put back on my garden’

‘MY HOTBIN is stylish and I’m a composting geek’

‘MY HOTBIN does the job brilliantly and is a Joy to use’

‘MY HOTBIN is kept right by the kitchen and I can add weeds and cooked food waste’

‘MY HOTBIN is convenient, not smelly and quick’

‘MY HOTBIN looks neat and tidy on the patio’

‘MY HOTBIN makes something useful for the garden that I would normally send to landfill’

‘MY HOTBIN provides an easy method of composting garden and food waste’

‘MY HOTBIN takes the hassle out of composting’

‘MY HOTBIN is discreet and fits nicely into a space  not far from the Kitchen’

‘MY HOTBIN is hot even in winter’

‘My HOTBIN does the job brilliantly and is a joy to use.’

‘My HOTBIN just works and works well’

‘My HOTBIN is checked everyday and it gives me great satisfaction.’

‘MY HOTBIN is fun’

‘MY HOTBIN fits both kids in if they are naughty!’


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