MAKE compost and SAVE water

We had an interesting discussion with one of our retail partners earlier this week. They are rushing around trying to keep up with demand for water butts as Local Authorities and gardeners prepare for drought and more hose pipe bans.

This got us thinking!

How many gardeners have remembered the essential compound in soil that allows water retention are the humeric compounds**. The source of the humeric compounds is compost – the humeric substances being the tiny fraction of compost left over at the very end of the process.

The more top quality compost (i.e. well decomposed compost with lots of humeric substances) you add to the soil, the better the water retention in your soil and hence the better drought control you have.

Get composting now and you could have more great compost to help with drought control in 3 months time.

There are some excellent cases studies online about repairing drought ridden, over grazed land back into health.

 ** The term humeric compounds is used here instead of humus as humus is often used to mean compost by many gardeners.  In soil science, the humeric substances are a distinct set of compounds (humic, fulvic and humic) that have a defined chemistry – not least resistance to further decay. The use in soil science excludes all decomposing plant and animal matter (ie it excludes compost – it what’s left when composting is completely finished) 


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  1. So true, my oldest beds with years of compost added to them are the most productive of the lot…..Wish I had more…I am already taking the neighbor’s lawn clippings and shredded leaves. I also use less water – very important as shown during last year’s drought.

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