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The HOTBIN composting the whole takeaway!

Composting ‘Vegware’ ™ & Biodegradable bags and containers in the HOTBIN

The HOTBIN was developed to compost all food, garden and grass in the home and garden. We were contacted by Lucy Frankel at the who is building a food waste network to help commercial business do more to divert food waste from landfill.

We got to talking about using the HOTBIN for small cafes, restaurants and hotels (noting a limitation under ABPR that each commercial site would need to have its own garden/land to use any compost made). Lucy wanted to know if the HOTBIN could handle things like compostable takeaway packaging and asked if we would try some specific tests for her.  Lucy works for Vegware Ltd who offer compostable products like cups, tableware, fast food containers and the like.

We were keen to give it a go, confident the HotBin would eat them fast and furious!

What are the composting objectives?

  • If the HOTBIN composts them, users can use these containers at home
  • If HOTBIN eats them, then possible use of Vegware + HOTBIN at summer events that are semi permanent (ie weeks rather than days) over summer.

We are not suggesting homes will use all these items but on the other hand isn’t it good to know if your Vegware fish & chips, pizza or deli container can be composted at home.

Setup and methodology

  • A range of items were received. These were chopped up with scissors.
  • The HOTBIN was running at 50C, and the items were just tossed in.
  • Each weekend more food waste was added above the Vegware and stirred in

Progress at end of week 2

  • Well as expected the more ‘cardboard’ like containers had gone!
  • The ‘clear plastic’ (PLA) pots has started to compost (turn white, curled edges)
  • Spoons and forks (CPLA) – a lot tougher and will take longer
  • There has been no noticeable affect good or bad on the temperature of the HotBin

Progress at end of week 6

  • Only one fragment of ‘clear plastic’ (PLA) remains
  • Spoons and forks (CPLA) – all but two fragments gone


Looking at the small fragments left – they are soft and have been well attacked. It is most likely that these fell to side and dropped to lower colder zone during stirring.


The HOTBIN eats PLA containers – no problems. The thicker spoons and forks (CPLA) are also eaten – it just takes a little longer and you might need to pass a few bits back through. 

Notes on what the materials are made from:

PLA is made from corn starch by Natureworks LLC, and is an ideal replacement for oil-based plastic in a multitude of applications. These include films, thermorformed products such as cups and deli pots, and also injection-moulded products.

CPLA is a proprietary combination of PLA, chalk and other biodegradable additives. CPLA is suitable for high-heat applications such as making cutlery and hot cup lids, as it can take temperatures of up to 85°C without any deformation.


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Compost MORE Quickly

With International Compost Awareness week creeping towards us on 6 – 12 May 2012 – The good news is 94% of all HOTBIN users are diverting more food waste than they did before.

And here are just a few of their comments about their HOTBIN!

‘My HOTBIN is a talking point at dinner parties as composting is now much more interesting.’

‘My HOTBIN takes the grubbiness out of the composting process’

‘My HOTBIN has made me more conscious about our waste and recycling’

‘MY HOTBIN converts waste into good stuff for the garden’

‘MY HOTBIN produces something for nothing to put back on my garden’

‘MY HOTBIN is stylish and I’m a composting geek’

‘MY HOTBIN does the job brilliantly and is a Joy to use’

‘MY HOTBIN is kept right by the kitchen and I can add weeds and cooked food waste’

‘MY HOTBIN is convenient, not smelly and quick’

‘MY HOTBIN looks neat and tidy on the patio’

‘MY HOTBIN makes something useful for the garden that I would normally send to landfill’

‘MY HOTBIN provides an easy method of composting garden and food waste’

‘MY HOTBIN takes the hassle out of composting’

‘MY HOTBIN is discreet and fits nicely into a space  not far from the Kitchen’

‘MY HOTBIN is hot even in winter’

‘My HOTBIN does the job brilliantly and is a joy to use.’

‘My HOTBIN just works and works well’

‘My HOTBIN is checked everyday and it gives me great satisfaction.’

‘MY HOTBIN is fun’

‘MY HOTBIN fits both kids in if they are naughty!’

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Compost Awareness Week – 6 – 12 May 2012

New research exposes that almost half of the food waste in our rubbish bins could have been composted! 

“Compost Awareness Week aims to encourage more people to realise the benefits of home composting and the great results that can be achieved by using peat-free composts containing recycled material”

With a HOTBIN you can easily do your bit to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by transforming it into nutritious compost that won’t cost the earth.  Recycling your waste is good news for the environment because it helps to cut down the amount of organic waste that is sent to landfill and its good news for your garden too.

The HOTBIN has been specifically designed to reverse overnight how much waste a household sends to landfill. Its clever design ensures all food waste including meat and fish, not just fruit and vegetable peelings can be composted efficiently with less odour and fewer flies in your own backyard.

Designed to help maximize what nature does naturally by bringing together the right conditions to make hot composting easy.The HOTBIN works as you can actively achieve temperatures between 40 -60C. These higher temperatures along with the effective aeration allows the HOTBIN to effortlessly reduce and recycle a wide variety of food and garden waste into great compost all year round. In fact at those temperatures you can expect to harvest a batch of beautiful ‘black gold’ every three months.

The HOTBIN has been independently tested by Garden Organic for ease of use, effectiveness and quality of compost produced, confirming that high temperatures can be maintained to provide sanitation of waste, including cooked food.

This is why the HOTBIN is a home composting system that recycles a whole lot more than potato peelings! Just think you will be returning all those lovely nutrients back into the soil. You can even save water too as using compost can increase the ability of your garden to hold water.

The HOTBIN is made from a robust engineering material called expanded polypropylene bead that is also used on car bumpers. It has been chosen for its hardy and insulating properties. The HOTBIN is made in the UK, 100% recyclable and invented in Morpeth.

In our recent customer survey more than 90% of users agreed that it was important to have the ability to compost cooked food waste; 61.5% of users are adding all food waste to their HOTBIN and 64.9% are now diverting a lot or nearly everything from Landfill.

And here are just a few of their comments!

‘My HOTBIN is a talking point at dinner parties as composting is now much more interesting.’

‘My HOTBIN takes the grubbiness out of the composting process’

‘My HOTBIN has made me more conscious about our waste and recycling’

‘MY HOTBIN converts waste into good stuff for the garden’

‘MY HOTBIN produces something for nothing to put back on my garden’

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